Smile60 Teeth Whitening: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Instant results and guarantee for everyone with Smile60 – Laser teeth whitening in 60 minutes.


Are you considering a teeth whitening treatment with Smile60 but have some questions before you take the plunge? We’ve got you covered! In this ultimate guide, we’ll address the most frequently asked questions about our teeth whitening services at Smile60. We aim to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and feel confident about your choice.


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On average the results can last up to two years but this does range from person to person. Smile 60 will give you a FREE home maintenance kit to use at home after your treatment. This is recommended as it will dramatically increase the results and longevity of your new bright white teeth.
The answer is no. We protected your gums during the treatment so there will be no gum irritation. The tooth’s staining is lifted to reveal a whiter smile. This procedure is not harmful to the teeth in any way.
The whitening treatment will take about one hour. Consultations before and after take a further 30 minutes so we advise to leave around 1.5 hours for your treatment.
Clinic studies provided show that there are no side effects. You may experience some short term sensitivity after the treatment for a few hours.
Many customers either don’t like visiting their dentist or wait until they have an issue. The best advice is to see the dentist regularly. As long as you have no known issues with the teeth or gums then you can have the teeth whitened.
After the initial session it costs £99 and we recommend having the re-treatment every 18-24 months to make the teeth look beautiful.
Yes its non evasive and not harmful to the teeth or gums.
Using a good quality electric tooth brush is a must for bright healthy teeth and gums. Check out for some great videos on the subject. Also flossing and seeing the dentist will keep the teeth brighter and healthy for longer.

Every clinic is different but we do have cancellations which we offer at short notice and sometimes at a discount. Call to book on 03300103016

No we don’t charge extra but not all the clinics offer out of hours service so please call us on 03300103016 to check.
You can pay by cash or card. We accept debit and credit cards but not Amex.
The whole process takes 90 minutes in total.
You have to be 18 years or over to have your teeth whitened.

We can whiten anyone’s teeth so yes the results are guaranteed. The results generally range from between 4-12 shades lighter. On the shade guide prior to the treatment and we even show you where you are and where you should finish so you can visualise how white the teeth will look. Every Smile60 customer achieves a brighter result every time.

If you have a veneer/crown it will only lighten back to it original color. This will happen typically they are three or more years old.

The only thing you may experience some is some short term sensitivity to your teeth for at least few hours after the treatment.

Seeing the hygienist before the treatment may cause tooth sensitivity around your teeth and gums. You should however visit your dentist regularly still as whiter teeth are by no means a substitute for good dental and oral health. Having your teeth laser whitening will be worthless if you are not taking the correct steps to maintain the health of your teeth. Everyone should brush their teeth at least three times a day as well as floss daily.Any food that gets stuck between your teeth may cause you some tooth decay. If you like to drink acidic soda drinks be sure to drink water afterwards. The acidity of soda pop does horrible things to your teeth. Furthermore, teach these procedures to your children at a very young age. Impress upon them how important their dental health is. Tell them how beautiful they are when they smile, and then lead in with what they need to maintain such perfection.

If you suffer from epilepsy or if you are pregnant women or breast feeding you are not unfortunately suitable for laser teeth whitening.

The Smile 60 laser whitening system is very similar to Zoom and our system is very powerful and therefore results are good and lasts longer than most other whitening systems.

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