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The process can be separated into the two parts; We explain the process and talk about what to do after the whitening procedure.

Customers will see how his or her teeth will look after the laser treatment has been applied using the shade guide.. The second part of the procedure is to actually do the laser treatment; it takes around one hour.

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The clinic is willing to guarantee great results from the Laser Teeth Whitening laser procedure as the process is extremely effective.

In addition, the laser is process is safe because the process won’t damage the enamel of any patient’s teeth.

The process is a proven whitening treatment which will give the patient a naturally white look. The patient will be pleasantly surprised as how well his or her teeth will look.

One treatment will typically last from eighteen to twenty-four months; which makes the clinic trip affordable £99.00 when you are needing a top up treatment.


The emerging demand surrounding teeth whitening today goes beyond the periodical dental procedure that many were previously accustomed to. Today, teeth whitening is a much-needed beauty regime for many, especially in readiness for an important occasion. It is also a trendy attribute for the fashion conscious, thanks to the affordability and the harmless nature of the procedure. In recent times, the reasons why people choose teeth whitening are;

Teeth whitening Leicester by Smile60

The procedure of whitening teeth has been practised meticulously. A lot of the times, frustrations arise when the latest whitening toothpaste or whitening gum, yields results that are not indicative of the whitening process.

White teeth tend to make great impressions. The effect of a pearly white smile, followed by a firm handshake has changed the lives of millions. It is no wonder the practice is so predominant in today’s culture! The need to maintain perfect teeth can very quickly turn out to be difficult. This is partly due to temptations of modern living.

When every food that is offered at convenience comes with a soft drink, the drink affects your teeth. When a very stressful day leads to a cigarette, the cigarette affects your teeth. Sometimes, the simple act of ‘forgetting to brush before sleep” will happen too often. The same cumulative remnants of colouring in drinks and foods act as a dye for teeth. At times, even a cavity.

The worst part about this entire procedure is, finally changing only to see little to no results of changed teeth. The process of changing the damage done can be long and tedious.

Teeth whitening Leicester by Smile60
Laser Procedure

The optimal procedure for quick, results is the laser whitening procedure. In the time it takes to have lunch, you can change the entire look and feel of your smile, exhibiting confidence. Don’t believe it? Maybe a step by step experience would help.

  • Step 1: cheek detractors are placed to position the cheeks. Preventing cheeks from making contact with the teeth.
  • Step 2: Formulated rubber or soft dams are positioned to cover the gums.
  • Step 3: Desensitizing paste that help strengthens and harden enamel is placed on the teeth.
  • Step 4: A laser is activated causing the gel to react, making teeth five or six shades lighter in the process
  • Step 5: Rinsing and then completion.

The means of application in this results in dramatically different changes in a very short time. There are also some preventative measures to assure safe, problem-free cleaning. Lips, gums and other oral tissue are protected during the event. This protects the skin from damage.

The below listed are alternatives for whitening with their strengths and weaknesses. The most prevalent truths about them are their guarantee and a grey area. The guarantee is that whitening occurs. The grey area is how long it takes and how white teeth become. Pearly whites when ninety, though a marvellous sight to behold, are also most probably false teeth. 

Alternatives: The White strip

White strips have been an alternative solution, though taking more time to achieve the same results, a lot of reintroducing of these type of products has occurred to further improve upon them. The working principle of these white strips is that of an oratory cello tape. Placing these strips on teeth for a short time, resulting in the whitening of the teeth. The reason why this occurs is due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide.

Better performing strips would have higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, this leads to gum irritation, white spots on teeth (a few hours after use) tooth sensitivity and an unwanted bleaching effect when put in contact with clothing. These strips are also not to be used by children under the age of 18.

The bleaching tray

Bleaching trays are also an alternative means for whitening when not pressed for time. Over the counter, systems come with a week’s worth of trays. The operation of these trays is to be placed in the mouth and bitten on to roughly fit your dental structure. Once in there, the bleaching chemicals begin their work. Also peroxide-based, the gel within the tray is of the material that ends up moulding to your teeth.

Two trays per day are meant to be used as well, meaning a new tray should be bought every week depending on how white a smile is desired. The down side is that they must be worn for a longer period than their strip counter parts. Another down side would be that they cannot be used when going about the day. Holding conversations over the phone or having a plastic gum guard tends to be disconcerting and uncomfortable when meeting people.

Zoom teeth whitening session

Effective in time but requires teeth cleaning before the session. Hydrogen peroxide gel is applied where light activates the gel and causes a reaction that whitens the gel. The down side though is that it is not a very effective treatment. Individuals with a strong gag reflex or anxiety have difficulties undergoing the procedure.