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As a business owner, you know that building a strong reputation and customer loyalty is essential to success. While there are many ways to achieve this, one effective approach is through sharing customer stories. Customer stories are powerful tools that showcase the impact of your products or services on real people’s lives. In this article, we will explore the importance of customer stories and provide tips on how to use them effectively.

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Fiona’s story: restoring her smile

When 27-year-old Fiona came to our studios, she said that there was one thing that was making her unhappy – her smile. She said “My job in sales means that I am under a lot of pressure to perform.

This means that I have to keep long hours and I have been drinking a lot of caffeinated drinks, particularly cola drinks. This has meant that my teeth have been subject to some discolouring and I would like to get rid of the yellowing”.

After a consultation, in which we showed Fiona the difference that whitening would make to her teeth, she underwent a series of safe, effective teeth whitening treatments. Fiona’s smile has now returned, and she has a new sense of self-confidence now that she has clean, white, teeth.

She was also pleased that our treatment did not involve the use of caustic chemicals such as peroxide.

Terry’s story: quick and easy treatment

When 36-year-old Terry came to see us, he had decided that he wanted to do something about the appearance of his teeth. Working as a team leader, his look was very important to him in terms of giving confidence to his customers. He said “Being a smoker for some years I noticed that my teeth were subject to discolouration and staining.

Being involved in a high profile position in my company, it is important to look my best, and I decided that it was time to do something about it”. Because he was very busy, Terry was very pleased that our initial consultation only took around 90 minutes and he was able to return to work as he had an important meeting that afternoon.

He was also delighted with the simplicity of the process. After a short treatment, Terry was able to complement the whitening treatment with a kit that he could use at home.

He has also returned for a special laser top up treatment at a minimal cost of only £99. Terry was very satisfied that the treatment could be performed in only a short visit.

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Tasha’s story: from fear to relief

57-year-old Tasha was very apprehensive when it came to any type of dental, or cosmetic treatment. She suffered badly from receding gums, which meant that her mouth was very sensitive.

She was extremely anxious that the teeth whitening procedure would cause her a lot of pain. Tasha said, “I was scared that the types of treatment that would be used would be too painful for me and that I would have to have to live with stained and discoloured teeth for the rest of my life”.

Fortunately, she came to see us concerning her treatment. We were able to reassure Tasha that our treatments were relatively painless.

Firstly, we make sure that the gums are well protected before treatment.

Secondly, we do not use peroxide, which can be painful, to whiten the teeth.

Following her treatment, Tasha said that if she had known how painless the treatment was she would have had her teeth whitened some years ago.

Jody’s story: restoring a great look after years of neglect

46-year-old Jody had an interesting past. He had been the lead singer of a punk rock band and the years on the road had given him bad habits in terms of dental care. Jody said “In the old days touring it was a badge of honour that you did not take much care of your health.

Unfortunately, that has taken a toll in terms of the look of my teeth”. We recommended a full treatment for Jody. After a check up with a dentist and a qualified hygienist, we then applied the famous Simile60 whitening treatment.

Jody commented on his treatment “I was very impressed with the way that Smile60 whitened my teeth. They brightened by a whole eight shades.

However, the most amazing thing is that they don’t look artificially white. They look very natural. Even my kids are impressed by the difference”. Jody now makes regular visits to his dentist to look after his dental health.

Lisa’s story: fitting treatment around a busy lifestyle

Lisa is 52 years old and has been trying to treat her teeth at home with very mixed results. Lisa confessed that she had purchased bleaching trays from her dentist but that it was difficult to keep up with the need for continuous treatment.

She said “I used the bleaching trays every day for two weeks but, after trying very hard, I really couldn’t put up with all of that effort. Being a busy Mum, it is very difficult to fit in the bleaching treatments with family life”.

Rather than putting up with the hassle of an everyday treatment we were able to treat Lisa’s teeth in only one visit, removing the need for daily bleaching and peroxide treatments. Lisa was pleased that the treatments were pain-free, quick and effective.

She said that it was well worth the cost of treatment involved as we placed her requirements, and customer service, at the forefront. She was also pleased with the minimal effort it took to maintain her teeth after the service.

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David’s story: a coffee addict with a great smile!

When David came to us, he was a serious addict – for coffee! David said that “I need several cups of coffee every day when I start work. As a security guard, I have to start work very early and drink several cups throughout the day”. Unfortunately, this drink had made his teeth dark with many patches of discolouration.

David was adamant that he could not give up coffee for any extended period after treatment. However, we were able to show him that there was no need for him to avoid drinking coffee and that he should follow what we call a ‘white diet’ for only 24 hours after the initial treatment.

This enabled David to return to drinking coffee after only a short period. He was pleased with the convenience of the service, and how it could fit around his working life.


Customer stories are a powerful marketing tool that can help you build credibility, enhance your brand reputation, and increase engagement. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can leverage customer stories effectively to achieve these goals. Remember, authenticity and relatability are key to creating compelling customer stories that will resonate with your audience. Visit Smile60 now to learn more about how we can help you grow your business!