Tea and Coffee Drinkers Guide to Teeth Whitening: Tips for a Brighter Smile

Instant results and guarantee for everyone with Smile60 – Laser teeth whitening in 60 minutes.

Tea and Coffee drinkers

Being a coffee or tea drinker is one of the few habits that many people have developed over the last 50 or more years.

Nonetheless, it has one of the most noticeable down falls, dark stained yellow or brown teeth, so much sorrow in a cup of caffeine.

Trying to get rid of using basic common tooth brush seems quite impossible, a herculean task that creates a lot of time in your everyday business and social life.

However, as much as it’s a task having yellowing teeth in all the pictures or being tight-lipped isn’t an option. After all, there are countless business meetings, family or social gatherings coming up. The good news is that all your teeth problems can be sorted in just one hour with Smile60!

Getting your teeth whitened at Smile60 is no longer an option or luxury if you tired of being tight-lipped. We offer you the very best of our laser whitening services.

You are assured of the very best of what we offer at fair pricing that will leave you with pearly white teeth and the added confidence to make all your encounters a success.

We are time savers.

As a coffee drinker, the thought of completely giving up your caffeine intake majority of the time is not a choice no matter how short the period might be. Because other teeth whitening methods are a cumbersome and tedious process, paying a visit to our centre would be a wise choice.

As a means of whitening your teeth, we use great advanced technological means. In just under two hours you get five or ten shades lighter of your original teeth colour, more dazzling white teeth than you can ever hope for.

Best quality.

It is a fact that no one should be criminalized because of their love for tea or coffee, we assure you of our dedication to making your experience memorable and worthwhile.

We assure you of getting the very best of assistance from our highly trained and experienced personnel. We also use quality products eliminating the cases of dental specialist disaster, that is no from cracked teeth or spotted discoloured teeth.

Quality service, quality product and hence dazzling results.

Worries regarding laser whitening procedure

Many people who want to undergo the Smile60 teeth laser whitening procedure usually have a percentage of reservation regarding the process. That is how long the results of the process will last and after how long they will need a top-up treatment.

The design of the laser procedure is to last for almost two years. However, this part largely depends on you. Observing quality and regular oral hygiene will go away to ensure that the results stay for a long period.

Brushing and flossing go a long way to not only keeping your teeth dazzling white, but also minty fresh breath that will aid in having a great social life with no worries of discoloured teeth.

However, having had the teeth whitening at our celeb teeth whitening centre we assure of longer lasting results. This rages in between 24 months to 36 months without the need to undergo any kind of major laser whitening procedure.

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