Unveil Your Brightest Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening in Nottingham

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A smile is irreplaceable and one of a kind. This is one of the most breathtaking expressions for humans.

When you run into someone for the first time, they most likely notice your smile if you put on one.

Sadly, if you have discoloured or yellowish teeth, you may not enjoy the power of a smile. Do not worry since you can easily get your teeth back to their original white colour with teeth whitening procedures.

Teeth whitening methods have with time proved to be efficient in getting rid of stains and cleaning your teeth from the inside.

The whitening products and procedures available work well but some of them may take months to show the desired results. You may also be required to make a habit of recurrently using these products.

Still, some of these methods do not present a guarantee that your teeth will be restored to their original milk white colour.

However, there is hope with laser teeth whitening which is one of the most common methods

Laser teeth whitening Nottingham by Smile60

In this era, there is always a better alternative to solve any problem. In our case, the better alternative is laser teeth whitening.

Any form of oral care must start at home, but just brushing and flossing on a regular basis may not get rid of accumulated stains from foods, coffee and smoking.

Laser teeth whitening can help to remove these deep-set stains without having to wait for months to see good results.

How it works

The first step is to clean and remove any plaque from the teeth. When your teeth are finally clean, a gel is applied to your teeth and is supposed to set in for some minutes. This gel is powerful and fights the stains in your teeth giving you a superb cleaning. A laser beam is then directed to the teeth activating and enhancing the effectiveness of the gel. This method will take up to an hour to come to an end, and the results will amaze you. In just one session your teeth will be 7 to 10 shades brighter than they of were.

Why laser whitening is the most common treatment Nottingham

Whiter teeth portray a healthy way of life as well as beauty. Apart from that, facial lines and wrinkles are less perceptible when people’s eyes concentrate on your white teeth. There are many reasons why laser teeth whitening method is widely used. Some of them are:

Teeth whitening alternatives

One can do teeth whitening using over-the-counter products and other specialised systems. You can find these products in your local store or supermarket, and they vary in their concentration of whitening ingredients. There are also many teeth whitening procedures that you can use apart from the laser whitening method. These include:

1. Crest whitening strips

An alternative whitening treatment method that you probably have seen advertised many times is the whitening strip.

There are many teeth whitening Nottingham stores where you can buy these strips, and many people have found them to be a workable solution.

However, this whitening procedure will give you white teeth for a few months or maybe longer. This means that you will have to buy extra whitening strips after a few months if you want to maintain the whiteness or continue to consume things that add stain your teeth, like drinking too much coffee.

Most people do not have entirely even teeth. Therefore, the whitening strip will not sit perfectly across all teeth, leaving spots or even a whole tooth that is not well covered by the whitening agent. This leads to an unpleasing uneven look.

2. Teeth bleaching trays
Teeth bleaching trays are devices that are made in a dental laboratory from a trace of your teeth. You can also get the trays by making impressions of your teeth and sending them to a dental laboratory. The disadvantage of this procedure is that you will have to wait until you get the full trays from the lab to start the whitening process which may take a few weeks to be done. These custom whitening trays are also more expensive compared to the laser method, and if you make a wrong impression, you will have to send a fresh print which is expensive.
3. Zoom whitening Nottingham
Zoom is a non-invasive whitening procedure that is done in a clinic and lasts for about an hour. First, a bleaching gel is spread on your teeth. UV light is then illuminated to the gel to help in whitening the teeth rapidly, providing striking whitening results.

Some patients may require many treatments, while others go for just one zoom session. The downside of this procedure is that while some patients will experience a smooth process, others will experience a lot of pain. This makes it a less preferred method of whitening teeth than the laser method.
Here are some teeth whitening around Nottingham we cover:

Laser teeth whitening is the most preferred method. After you undergo the teeth whitening process, the results will last depending on how much you protect your teeth after the most favourable colour has been achieved. It is recommended that you completely avoid the top five culprits of tooth staining: tea, tobacco, coffee, blueberries, and dark soda. You should abstain from them totally in your first week after teeth whitening.